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Tal av Kinas Sverigeambassadör till Jan Myrdals minnesdag

30 juli 2021

Ambassadör Gui Congyou kunde inte närvara vid minnesdagen för Jan Myrdal i Varberg 18 juli. Kinas generalkonsul läste upp ambassadörens tal, som vi här återger i sin helhet.

Minnesstund 2021 Gu Hui OAS3078

Foto: Olle Asp

Ambassador Gui Congyou´s written remarks for the commemorative event for Jan Myrdal

Honourable president of the Jan Myrdal society. Dear Swedish friends!

Today we gather for the Jan Myrdal Remembrance Day. It is with profound sadness that Mr. Myrdal, an old friend of the Chinese people, is dearly missed. Throughout his life, Mr Myrdal was committed to China, and committed to support Chinas development.

For 32 years, China´s Liu Lin village has been close to his heart. He made seven visits to the rural village, where he conducted field research and talked to every family in the village. Based on the research in Liu Lin, he wrote the book ”Report from a Chinese Village”, which earned him international success. The book objectively presented the profound changes and progress of a Chinese rural village after the People´s Republic was born, which gave the world a rare opportunity to learn about the country back then.

Besides Shaanxi where the Liu Lin village is, Mr Myrdal also travelled all around China, including Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Gansu, Sichuan, Chongqing, Zhejiang and my hometown Anhui. He also authored a number of other books including The Chinese Journey and The Silk Road which helped the world to understand the country. These books are part of the precious history of the China-Sweden friendship. Mr Myrdal is a symbol of China-Sweden friendship and a bridge connecting the two countries. For that he is always in our hearts.

It has been almost 30 years since Mr Myrdal´s last visit to his beloved Liu Lin village. Over the past 30 years, China has been developing rapidly, and has now entered a new era. The Liu Lin village also shook off poverty and became well known for its apple agricultures. China needs to get to know the world better, and likewise the world needs to understand today´s China better. I am eager to see more Jan Myrdals in Sweden today, who carry forward the spirit of being fair, objective and precise, present today´s China and the Chinese people to Sweden and the world in a balanced, objective and fair manner, and make the bond of friendship between our two countries stronger.

I would like to promise to my Swedish friend again, China is always open to you. Welcome to China! I firmly believe, with efforts by people from both our countries, the chapter of friendly cooperation between our two countries and people will continue and on!

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